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I offer body and psychotherapy tailored to your needs and desires.
I always meet you where you are right now.

About me

My name is Thomas. I am a body and psychotherapist student (I will graduate in Dec. 2024), 
and I am passionate about facilitating the framework
for you to step onto your unique path in life.

Through present contact, we journey together through your inner landscapes of difficult or stagnant states such as anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, addiction, or grief, and regulate your nervous system so you can regain balance.

Why therapy?

For many, going to therapy means something is wrong with them or they are sick.

For me, going to therapy is part of a conscious choice
to do what is right for you.

A therapeutic process with me offers you the opportunity to release the things in your life that may have challenged you for a long time and prevented you from stepping into life with your true self.

Perhaps you recognize encountering the same patterns in your relationships again and again. Perhaps you feel lost, and the way forward seems impossible to find, or maybe life feels heavy and meaningless.

Whatever your challenge is, there is a path to a place where you can fully embrace life, where problems are just challenges, where complexity turns into development, where love can flourish, and where your heart can once again find its place as your truth and trusted guide through life.

Stepping onto our path in life is often not an easy choice.

It is my wish to support you in your process and help you take the steps that are true for you.


A session with me lasts 90 minutes. Before our first meeting, we will have spoken on the phone so you can feel if I seem like the right therapist for you.

The conversation is anonymous, free, and entirely non-binding.

If you then feel that you would like to start a process with me, the first session will be a meeting where we get to know each other better, and together we plan a process that gives you the best possible conditions for achieving your goals for the therapy.

During the first month, we typically meet three to four times, after which we will assess together how often we should meet thereafter. Everything depends on your unique situation and your desires.

I work integratively with various forms of psychotherapy, including talk therapy, body therapy, family constellations, existential therapy, couples therapy, trauma therapy, among others. Regardless of the approach that we use, you will find that my approach is relational and always grounded in the present moment, often with a spiritual perspective.

A process with me is uniquely tailored to you and is never a one-size-fits-all approach.


I offer therapy at “Annekset” on H.C. Ørsteds Vej 49A as well as online. 

Until October 1, 2024, a session costs 500 DKK, as I am still in training.
From October 1, 2024, a session costs 900 DKK.

If you are a student, a session costs 600 DKK.

Financially strained: I believe everyone should have access to therapy. If you are financially strained, please contact me to arrange a suitable agreement.

Write to me at or call me at +45 4040 6532 (WhatsApp)
I look forward to hearing from you!

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